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Types of Modern Doors and Windows for Your Home
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Types of Modern Doors and Windows for Your Home

Modern architecture, which may also be known as modernist architecture, is much older than its name implies. It was the world’s dominant architectural style in urban and suburban areas from the 1930s to the 1980s. It emphasizes functionality, the careful and controlled use of materials, the rejection of ostentatious designs, and structural innovation. For these reasons, items such as security windows or security doors can easily be constructed in a modern style. Modern security doors and security windows provide a home with several unique characteristics.

If your home is one which displays elements of modern architecture, such security windows and security doors will provide your home with much protection while at the same time elevating its general aesthetic attractiveness. Even ordinary modern doors and windows can add a touch of class and panache to your home. Modern doors and windows can be further grouped into several categories, as will be detailed in the following paragraphs.

International Doors and Windows

One notable form of modern architecture is known as International. All doors and windows, including security doors and security windows, in the International style make use of arrangements of intersecting block forms. Windows will usually be arranged to create a larger rectangular grouping. Casement and picture windows, which offer uninterrupted glass, are the most common International windows. This uninterrupted glass also makes them work well as security windows. Most International doors, whether ordinary or security doors, are single doors. If there are auxiliary security doors leading to a patio, such security doors will usually be multiple doors in a single unit.

Bauhaus Doors and Windows

Bauhaus is another important category of modern architecture. Security windows and ordinary windows alike which are constructed in the Bauhaus style feature wide window panes. Bauhaus security windows are typically flanked by curtains to provide a light, airy visual impression. Bauhaus doors, including security doors, tend to exhibit geometric rigour and minimalistic qualities. These doors usually utilize door handles instead of doorknobs. Both ordinary and security doors built in the Bauhaus style heavily emphasize the door handles. Bauhaus door handles make use of levers. They almost always take the shape of bars or bent tubes.

Art Deco Doors and Windows

A third major category of modern architecture is Art Deco. Many security windows today continue to either be made in the Art Deco style or be inspired by it. This is because window grilles, a primary feature of countless security windows the world over, are a key feature of Art Deco windows. Interestingly, Art Deco security windows did not initially feature grilles for safety reasons, but for aesthetic ones. Art Deco windows are tall, symmetrical, and usually either circular or rectangular. Their panels are often arranged in a repetitive pattern. Most Art Deco doors, including security doors, are made of wood. The most common wood used for these doors is rimu. Art Deco doors are typically panel doors; they will either have one panel or multiple panels in a vertical layout. Some Art Deco doors also incorporate frosted or shaped glass.

Brutalist Doors and Windows

Brutalism is a category of modernist architecture which is primarily seen in universities and public buildings. Many homes also make use of Brutalist designs. Brutalist doors tend to be unpretentious and unobtrusive. They are not intended to be focal points of a home’s design. The majority of Brutalist doors, whether ordinary or security doors, are either primarily or completely made of glass. Brutalist windows are much narrower than those of other styles. This makes them suitable for use as security windows because it will be more difficult for intruders to enter. Brutalist windows, whether security windows or otherwise, are typically arranged horizontally and set in steel frames embedded within a concrete facade.

De Stijl Doors and Windows

De Stijl is one category of modernist architecture which, unfortunately, has become extremely rare today. Nevertheless, the few homes built in this style have doors and windows which exhibit unique characteristics. De Stijl windows are usually extremely large, causing the room in which they are located to appear much more spacious. De Stijl rooms do not usually have pillars in their corners; thus, these windows can wrap around a room’s corners to provide a better view of the home’s surroundings. Almost all security doors as well as other doors built according to De Stijl architectural principles are sliding doors. These sliding doors are usually designed to provide residents with maximum privacy. As has been mentioned, De Stijl is one of the rarest architectural categories today. Therefore, if it is a De Stijl security window or security door which you seek and you happen to find one, you can consider yourself very fortunate.

If it so happens that your home’s architecture can be classified as being part of one of the categories mentioned, adding a modern security door, security window, or any other door or window to it is simple. Just choose the category which is the same as that of your home. If you cannot find such a door or window or if your home is not classified as being part of any modernist architectural category, carefully consider the layout, interior design, and general aesthetic qualities of your home before making your selection. Once you’ve chosen the ideal modern security window or security door, you can be pleased to know that your home will have received the final touch it needs to truly elevate its general look and feel.