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Hi-Efficient Design System

VINCA’s ever-innovation for sliding door and window designed product will give you the peaceful vibes for your beloved home

VINCA’s dedication to new product research and development has resulted in a premium ever-innovative range of stylish, long-lasting and top-quality products such as energy saving windows, heat insulation doors and windows, and soundproof security doors and windows.

VINCA's top-quality safety security doors and security windows are designed to give you peace of mind for your beloved home. And that’s not all.

Our energy-efficient product range features the best leading design in the industry for energy saving windows including top hung windows, casement windows, tilt turn windows and arched windows as well.

How do energy saving window help you?

Most homeowners' are concerned about the energy efficiency of their windows. This is because energy saving windows usually exhibit greater insulation features for the rooms within your house. Hence, VINCA's energy saving windows help to reduce your energy consumption in the environment, minimising the costs of heating and cooling in your building.

VINCA’s uPVC profiles are based on European design standards. They have been designed to fit a range of window and door frames so there’s definitely a VINCA window that suits your purpose. One unique feature of our uPVC windows and doors system is that they are actually capable of reducing noise from outside. Therefore, you’re guaranteed peace and quiet and energy efficiency with our soundproof and heat insulation security doors and windows.

You may also customize your windows and doors with a variety of finishes.

What are soundproof security doors and windows?

VINCA's soundproof security windows and doors are designed to reduce noise from outside. This sound insulation capability offers you extra peace and privacy. Based on demonstrations, our uPVC’s are capable of blocking sound up to 80%.

What does heat Insulation do for you?

The uPVC we use at VINCA does not leach into the environment so you can choose our heat insulation doors and windows without hesitation. You can feel the effect with your own hands; our heat insulation doors and windows can reduce heat by up to 60%. When you touch our heat insulation doors and windows that have been exposed to the sun, they are truly not as warm as other materials like aluminium or untreated glass.

For residents residing in tropical countries like Malaysia which experiences hot weather throughout the year, it would be ideal to find a solution to keep hot air from entering the room. VINCA’s uPVC heat insulation doors and windows are an energy efficient choice that we highly recommend. Besides ensuring the right temperature for your room, heat insulation doors and windows also have the advantage of sound reduction.

If you have a dream for your home, it’s time to reach out to us to see what we can do for you. We have an extensive range of designer security doors and safety windows for residential, commercial and industrial buildings, so no matter what your needs, there surely is something for you.


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Spectrum of Colours and Finishes

We offer a spectrum range of plain colours and woodgrain finishing choices to suit all tastes with your type of house and facade design.

Choose between more than 200 attractive colours for your facade to your heart's content.