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Sliding Door Malaysia Casement Window

VINCA’s material of uPVC is suitable for sliding door and window, to meet expectation of your desired residence or workplace

VINCA’s uPVC are made with high end quality to produce good quality safety security doors and windows for your residence or workplace. Here at VINCA we emphasise on not only providing excellent products but also good service.

Your home is an area of solace. Therefore, it deserves utmost protection. That’s why you need a secured top security door and security window. Our high-quality luxury doors and windows will not only leave you in awe with our sophisticated designs but you will also be amazed with the good quality of our safety security doors and windows as well.

Delivering the finest quality of uPVC for doors and windows

VINCA's uPVC is imported from Germany. It is of the highest quality which guarantees you a long-term investment. We ensure that the materials used for our top security doors and security windows are made to the most utmost strength. Quality assured, tests on VINCA’s uPVC security windows and top security doors show minimal wear and tear even after 20 years.

Our uPVC’s top security doors and security windows are definitely able to hold up against break-ins. VINCA strives hard to exceed your expectation for the best quality in our top security doors and security windows.

Our uPVC’s high performance and quality can definitely give you the peace of mind that your comfortable environment at home is protected.



The Promise of Solid Security System



The Sound of Silence



The Energy Efficient Heat Conqueror



The Fresh and Dry Protector

Security Door Design Security Window Malaysia


Low Maintenance
The frames offer hassle free maintenance, it only requires occasional cleaning with mild detergent such as CIF detergent

No Repainting
The white profile never need painting or staining. The homogenous colour tone which compliments your interior colour scheme.

No Rotting, Rusting or Corroding
High durability frames are superior compared to the usual timber, metal and aluminium frames which rotting, rusting and corroding after a duration of time.

Long Lifespan
Highly versatile and have a long lifespan that cannot be compared to other building materials.

Design and Aesthetic Capabilities
Asthetically pleasing on its own and offer unlimited design possibilities in most styles of door and window plus variety of finishes.

No Warping or Twisting
Water resistant frames does not absorb moisture, therefore will not warp or twist when contact with water.

No Colour Deterioration
Scientifically tested through several stringent stress test. The appearance of the frames are physically lab approved and tested to ensure no deterioration of colours over time.

Blind/ Wiremesh Security System
The frames can be custom made with wiremesh to provide extra security cum prevention from insect and mosquito.

Environment Friendly
Recycle friendly and super energy efficient in production. The material promotes green earth and have no adverse effects on the environment.

Against Break In
Made to the utmost strength and extremely difficult to break in.

uPVC Louvres System
uPVC louvres system offers as sun protection and cross ventilation with aesthetic appeal to your ideal home without compromising security feature.

Giving Peaceful Homes
Virtually maintenance free with high security benefits and therefore it is a smart choice for a peceful home.

Water Insulation Testing Video
Mosquito Net


VIN-Mesh System offers flexibility in design and functional aspects to meet the needs of contemporary infrastructure. It is designed to enhance the concept of comfortable and safety living environment; It delivers the comfort of airflows without compromising the outdoor views and safeguard from insects. With the combination of stainless stell mesh and uPVC frame, which provides enhanced security with an aesthetic style to your residential or commercial buildings.
Premier Benefits:
  • Great Protection against Theft & Vandalism
  • Durability with Rust & Corrosion Resistance
  • Good Ventilation
  • Sufficient Visibility Clarity
  • Anti insects & Mosquitoes Screening
  • Heat & Solar UV Screening
  • Low Maintenance
  • Children & Pet Friendly
Window Blinds

VIN-Blind System

VIN-Blind System offers a versatile, stylish and maintenance-free means of shading, privacy and security blind system, which customized for your daily living environment. Enjoy the convenience of a cordless magnetic blind enclosed between double-glazing glasses. It is safe and ease of use; just a single-hand operator, allowing you to raise, close and tilt the blind with its sleek innovated design. An advanced blind system integrated with uPVC frame providers total security and safety with more peaace of mind.
Premier Benefits:
  • High Security
  • Smooth & Stylish Appearance
  • Privacy & Solar Control
  • Easy Operation with no String Attached
  • Energy Efficient with Temperature Control
  • Noise Reduction
  • Clean & Dust Free
  • Children & Pet Friendly
Comparison with Conventional Materials
Sound Tightness Testing Video