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Three of the World's Best Doors for a Dream Home
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Three of the World's Best Doors for a Dream Home

A truly spectacular designer door will greatly elevate the aesthetic appeal of any home. Whether this designer door is a folding door, sliding door, security door, soundproof door, or even just an ordinary one with an enhanced look, a striking and captivating designer door is sure to impress anyone who lays eyes on it.

Even if the designer door you seek for your home won’t be serving a dual function as a security door, you can nevertheless take inspiration from some of the world’s best doors for creating a dream home. Whether these designer doors are used as security doors or otherwise, it cannot be denied that their superior visual qualities and unique designs make them truly memorable.

Boca Raton, United States

Sliding Door Malaysia

In the US city of Boca Raton, located in the state of Florida, there stands an opulent estate characterized by its remarkable front doors. This luxurious home covers a total area of almost 900 square metres. It can easily be noticed from a distance because of its futuristic facade. This futuristic design can also be seen in its designer doors. The designer doors of this home are extremely large and wide; they are double doors made of marine-grade steel. Thus, in addition to the aesthetic appeal they provide, they work well as security doors. These doors fit in well with the interior design of the home because of the abundance of glass and metal decorations inside. The doors’ design also matches the home’s neutral colour scheme, clean lines, and large retracting windows.

Perhaps you would like to take some inspiration from the designer doors of this palatial Boca Raton home. You can do so by considering the material of your doors. Of course, even if you want sturdy security doors, they don’t have to be made of marine-grade steel. Even ordinary steel, iron, or aluminium will do the job. Nevertheless, whether sliding doors, security doors, or any other doors, your doors should be made of a material which encapsulates the entire feel and aura that you want others to experience within your home while at the same time providing much security. The interior design of your home as well as decorations and patterns should also be considered. Just as the Boca Raton doors pair well with the home’s windows, decorations, and colours, so should yours with those of your own home. Closely analyze the inside of your home, consider what the dream doors which would match it would look like, then use the image you have in mind to decide upon the perfect designer doors, be they security doors or otherwise, for your home.

Chefchaouen, Morocco

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This next example is not about a particular set of designer doors or security doors. Instead, it concerns many doors found across one city. The doors of homes all over the city of Chefchaouen are known for their vivid blue hue. Not even the locals agree on why the city’s doors are blue. Some have claimed that the colour keeps mosquitoes under control, while others say that it represents religious piety. Still others claim that settlers brought the idea to the city. Doors in Chefchaouen are typically made of wood; they blend in with the stone walls of the homes. These walls, as well as floors and staircases, are also painted in the same shade of blue. Many of these doors also have custom-made door knobs, metal knockers, or both. It is common for doors of homes across the city to have metal bolts. As such, they can often be used as security doors.

The doors of Chefchaouen can also influence your designer door decision. If your home has a specific aesthetic theme, select designer doors to match it. Such a theme does not necessarily have to be linked to a colour; shapes, patterns, cultural motifs, and even fictional characters can be used as themes. All designer doors, including those which are security doors, which fit the theme will complete your home’s look, taking you a step closer to your dream home. In addition, if your designer doors are to be used as security doors, consider selecting a security method which is neither obtrusive nor visually jarring. Chefchaouen’s doors typically make use of simple yet effective metal bolts which do not detract from the door’s design or appearance. You don’t necessarily have to use bolts - security screens and films do the job just as well without making your home look any worse off.

Grisignana, Croatia

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This third example sits on the opposite end of the extravagance spectrum from the first example. It is far from any urban area. Nevertheless, its unique visual qualities ensure that it deserves a mention. This quaint front door, found in front of a home in the small Croatian town of Grisignana, blends colours and shapes in a way that very few doors do. Mostly made of wood and also containing metallic portions, this door is set within a rough stone wall. Its mixture of circular and square patterns give it a sense of symmetry with the house plants that line the entrance to the home. This door’s colour scheme is simple yet appealing. Its metallic elements also boost its capabilities as a security door. This home’s door proves that you don’t have to spend great sums of money to obtain the door of your dreams.

Much can be learned from this Grisignana door. When selecting a designer door, including one which is also a security door, choose one which matches your home’s external surroundings. Even if it looks amazing and is more secure than even the finest security door, it won’t look good if it doesn’t blend in with the outside of your home. By doing so, your home will truly feel as though it genuinely belongs in the area where it stands.

After taking pointers and inspiration from three of the finest doors on the planet, you will certainly be a step closer to living in the beautiful home of which you’ve always dreamed.