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Guarding Your Sliding Glass Door from Break-Ins
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Guarding Your Sliding Glass Door from Break-Ins

Sliding doors, especially sliding glass doors, are regarded by many as aesthetically pleasing. Glass furniture and installations, including sliding doors, will make your home look tasteful, tidy, and sophisticated. Sliding glass doors will improve the general look of any room - they will make it appear open and comfortable.

That said, it is often easy to break into a home with a sliding glass door. Sliding glass doors are either often left unlocked or have locks which are easy to pick. This allows intruders to view your possessions. In addition, sliding doors are often made of low-quality glass which can easily be broken. For these reasons, anyone who owns a sliding door made of glass ought to take the necessary steps to protect it from unwanted intrusions.

Security Lock

To enhance the security of your sliding glass door, try using a security lock. The most effective security locks are those which are made of steel and contain concealed screws. These locks will typically have tamper-resistant bolts which are difficult to move. Some security locks even contain hidden screws which prevent tampering. Most of the highest-quality security locks to be used for sliding doors can only be locked or unlocked through the use of their associated keys. A security lock is therefore a simple and cost-effective method to ensure that no one will break into your home through your sliding glass door.

Window Film

A window film can be used to protect the glass of any sliding door. Most window films are made of polyethylene. Polyethylene protects the glass of a sliding door from being broken. This film guards the sliding glass door from the activities of vandals, burglars, and any other intruders. A window film keeps the door’s glass stable and also provides privacy. This is because many window films have designs which allow those inside to look outside while preventing those outside from looking inside. They can easily take the place of curtains or blinds and thus serve as protection for your sliding glass door in two different ways.

Blocking Bar

By placing a blocking bar made of either metal or wood in just the right spot, you will make it impossible for any intruder to push the door. Any blocking bar which you choose to use ought to be long enough to either allow only a minimal opening or no opening at all. A Charlie bar is a type of blocking bar which is uniquely suited to sliding doors of certain sizes or shapes. Charlie bars are fold-down arms which block the door at waist level. If you use a Charlie bar, you won’t have to bend down to floor level whenever you open a sliding door protected by a blocking bar.

Chain Linking

Chain linking involves the use of a small chain with a fastener. This chain is to be placed over the handles of the sliding glass door. Chain linking works best with sliding glass doors which part at their middle when they open. Known as double sliding doors, these doors slide horizontally and away from each other when they open. However, single sliding doors can also be protected through the use of chain linking. When sliding doors are chain linked, a taut, short chain link runs through each handle to protect the doors. Chain linking thus provides homeowners with an additional layer of security for sliding glass doors.

Track Maintenance

Tedious as it may be, proper maintenance of a sliding door’s tracks is a critical step towards protection against break-ins. Tracks which are poorly-maintained do not slide smoothly, thus jeopardizing the security level of the home. Any intruder who is able to manipulate a door with ill-maintained tracks can easily enter the home in question. This is especially important if the homeowner in question often leaves the home uninhabited. Such homes will often have their sliding doors targeted by burglars and other intruders as potential entry points. Therefore, those who are seldom at home should take additional care to ensure that their sliding doors are secure through adequate track maintenance.

Reinforced Glass

It might be worth your consideration to have the glass of your sliding door replaced with a pane of reinforced glass. This is because reinforced glass is 200 times more impact-resistant than ordinary annealed glass. You’ll also be able to hear the impact if anyone attempts to break through a sliding glass door containing reinforced glass. This is because it will make a loud sound when it is subject to impact. In addition, in the event that the glass does break, broken reinforced glass is easy to clean up because it does not shatter into many sharp fragments.

Plywood Boards

One final method for guarding a sliding glass door from break-ins is not one of which many would think but is no less useful. Some might opt to cover their sliding glass door with plywood boards. Plywood boards not only deter intruders while keeping the glass intact; they also protect the door from damage caused by natural forces such as rain and wind. If this is the option you select, we recommend enlisting the assistance of professionals to install these boards because the process of instalment is labour-intensive. Additionally, those whose homes do not have many windows might not want to select this option because plywood boards block out the natural light that would ordinarily pass through a glass door. That being said, plywood boards remain a viable option for those who believe that their pros outweigh their cons.

Despite the relative simplicity of breaking through a sliding glass door, many steps can be taken to overcome this issue. By taking the necessary precautions to secure such a door, you can be certain that no intruders will make their way into your home through an unprotected sliding glass door. A safe door, whether it be a sliding door or any other door, is one of the key components to a stable home - one in which you can enjoy a comfortable life.