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Characteristics of High-Quality Window Protection
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Characteristics of High-Quality Window Protection

All windows need to be adequately protected from any possible threats. This is particularly true of security windows, including those which are also soundproof windows. To increase the protection level offered by a security window, regardless of whether it also plays the role of a soundproof window, certain methods can be used to protect it. To ensure the maximum level of safety, the means of protecting a security window should be of the highest quality. There are several characteristics which are often seen in high-quality protection for a security window, soundproof window, or any other window. These characteristics depend on the type of protection being used.

Window Films

Window films are used to increase the strength of ordinary window glass. They are usually made of one or more layers of polyester which have been laminated together with certain adhesive substances. Most window films have a thickness ranging from four to 15 millimetres. There are several ways to determine if a window film is a high-quality one. An important method for doing so relates to the film’s clarity. When the film is placed over a security window or soundproof window, it should be almost undetectable to the naked eye. An added advantage of such a window film lies in the fact that it will permit more natural light to enter the building.

Some window films even have the effect of increasing a building’s resistance to sound. By placing such a film over a soundproof window, the soundproof window’s efficacy will be greatly enhanced. These soundproofing films not only protect the window’s glass by way of a lamination core between two polymer layers; they also muffle any unwanted noises which could otherwise have penetrated the soundproof window and thus enter the building. For this reason, buildings with urban or any other designs can gain much benefit from window film.

Plastic Glazing Material

Some people choose to protect their security windows by reinforcing them with plastic glazing material. Although this may sometimes be a somewhat costly option, high-quality plastic glazing material can do a great deal to keep any window safe. Plastic glazing material is primarily used to guard security windows and soundproof windows from intruders. There are two types of plastic glazing material: polycarbonate and acrylic.

A high-quality polycarbonate sheet should have a minimum thickness of three millimetres. It should also weigh around 50% to 60% less than a sheet of glass with the same dimensions. High-quality polycarbonate is durable; a polycarbonate sheet installed outdoors will remain functional for at least seven years. Most importantly, polycarbonate must be properly installed by a professional. If it is not, the entire security window is at risk of falling out of the window frame.

To best protect any security window or soundproof window, a high-quality acrylic sheet should weigh just under 50% of the weight of a glass sheet with similar dimensions. An acrylic sheet of 900 square centimetres with a thickness of three millimetres should weigh around 300 grams. High-quality acrylic sheets are shatterproof. When they break, they do not shatter into tiny shards; instead, they break into large, blunt-edged pieces. This is another quality which makes it suitable for protecting a security window. Like polycarbonate sheets, acrylic sheets should only be installed by a trained professional.

Hurricane Shutters

Soundproof windows and security windows alike can be protected by hurricane shutters. As implied by their name, hurricane shutters are shutters made of wood, metal, or polycarbonate which prevent windows from damage during hurricanes and other violent storms. Of course, the most important characteristic of any high-quality hurricane shutter is the amount of force it can withstand. Heavy-gauge aluminium, polycarbonate plastic, and plywood with a thickness of 1.9 centimetres or more make excellent shields for any security window or soundproof window which controls the amount of sound that enters. Heavy-gauge aluminium is especially useful; hurricane shutters made of this material can deflect projectiles flung about at speeds of up to 320 kilometres per hour during a particularly violent storm.

A high-quality hurricane shutter should also come with one or more strong locks. These locks serve two purposes. Of course, the first and more important purpose is to guard the window, whether a security window, soundproof window, or ordinary window, from storm damage. This is because these locks keep the shutter stable and in place during a hurricane. The locks also deter intruders from entering the building. The only way for an intruder to enter is by damaging or destroying the shutters; a difficult task when one considers how sturdy they are.

Window Security Bars

Window security bars may either be installed in a building’s interior or outside the window. High-quality window security bars are usually made of aluminium, steel, or iron. Of these three materials, iron security bars provide the greatest level of protection for a security window. However, iron security bars are usually more expensive than aluminium or steel bars. Nevertheless, bars made of any of the three materials provide a considerable amount of protection against intruders.

A well-made set of security bars should also permit ease of escape and access during emergencies. They should be easy to use in case anyone has to flee the building via the window. For this reason, it is often advisable to use swing-away security bars to guard a soundproof window or any other window. Some removable security bars may also be suitable for this purpose.

Window protection is truly crucial for the safety of any building. Security windows, soundproof windows, and even ordinary windows can all receive ample reinforcement by use of any of the methods mentioned. There are many risks associated with windows of all sorts, whether they be soundproof windows or any other windows. However, by using high-quality window protection, these risks can be mitigated with relatively little difficulty.