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Care and Maintenance of a Casement Window
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Care and Maintenance of a Casement Window

A casement window is a window which is attached to its frame by way of one or more hinges. They may either be used singly or in pairs; this flexibility of use makes casement windows suitable for use as security windows. Casement windows with hinges at their tops are known as awning windows, while those with hinges at their bottoms are known as hoppers. Casement windows are usually kept open through the use of a casement stay. To open a casement window, you might use a lever, crank, or cam handle. The tighter the opening mechanism, the more capable the casement window is of serving the purpose of a security window. In any casement window, including those which are also soundproof safety or security windows in Malaysia or elsewhere, the glass panes are set in a rabbeted frame. The glass is secured through the use of beveled putty or glazing. To keep a casement window in adequate condition, proper care and maintenance is necessary.


The most important task to complete when taking care of any casement window, including one which is a security window, is that of regular cleaning. To clean a casement window, you may use a cleaning solution made of water and a mild detergent; however, it is generally recommended to use a commercial cleaning liquid. Regardless of whether you’re cleaning an ordinary casement window or one which is a soundproof safety and security window in Malaysia, you’ll need to follow the product instructions when cleaning the window. In order to make the cleaning of a casement window a simpler task, you might choose to open it all the way out. Avoid cleaning the window when air temperatures are too high; doing so will leave streaks on the window glass. Clean the hinges of a casement window, including one which is a security window, by using a small brush capable of removing debris.


A casement window has several moving parts; it is necessary to lubricate these moving parts to maintain the window’s proper function. Casement windows have three moving parts which require regular lubrication. These are the operator arms, crank unit, and locking mechanisms. If the window is a security window, lubrication is especially important because flexibility and ease of use will make the window more protective. Lubricate the operator arms and locking mechanisms by spraying a silicone-based lubricant onto them. Do not use an oil-based lubricant; they facilitate the buildup of dirt and dust. Apply the lubricant to all joints of the operator arms. Lubricate the crank mechanism by first removing the crank and the mechanism cover. Spray the lubricant, then wait several minutes to allow the lubricant to work on the mechanism. Then reattach the cover and reinstall the crank.


Every casement window should be closely inspected at least once a month. Once again, this is especially important for casement windows which are security windows. This process takes just a few minutes to complete. All casement windows, including those which serve as security windows, must first be checked for signs of wear. The condition of the window frame ought to be checked particularly closely because of how susceptible it is to damage. If the window is double-paned or triple-paned, check for moisture which may have formed within it. If there is any, it means that the seal has stopped working and must be replaced. Other important points of which you should take note are brittle areas, peeling paint, weatherstripping, and gaps. If there are any gaps between the window casing and wall, fill them with caulk.

Maintenance of Timber Casement Windows

Timber casement windows require additional maintenance which other casement windows, be they conventional or security windows, do not. Timber casement windows should be given a regular anti-rot treatment to prevent the wood from rotting. We recommend the use of epoxy resin for this purpose. This is because epoxy resin moves with the timber even as it expands and contracts. In addition, the new finish which the resin will provide to any casement window, including a security window, will be similar to the original one. Regular anti-rot treatment of a timber casement window is not only a responsible practice; it will also save you a great deal of money. If the timber decays and rots too severely, experts will need to be called in to repair the timber. This will cost you a great deal of money, especially when compared to the cost of maintaining the window yourself.


It is not excessively expensive to care for and maintain a casement window, regardless of whether it is an ordinary or a security window, in Malaysia. The prices of the items you will need to do so are typically in the following ranges: Window lubricant: RM15 - RM20 Window seals: RM20 - RM40 Window glass cleaner: RM150 - RM250 per kilogram Epoxy resin: RM50 - RM70 per kilogram A casement window, especially one which doubles as a security window, is definitely a worthwhile investment. Casement windows provide ventilation, energy efficiency, aesthetic appeal, and in the case of those which are security windows, safety. However, if you do not take good care of your casement window, you will experience none of these benefits. Thus, the proper care and maintenance of a casement window, whether a conventional or a security window, cannot be stressed enough.