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Protecting Your Front Door from Burglars
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Protecting Your Front Door from Burglars

Every home needs to be adequately defended against burglars. Certainly, you’d like your prized possessions to remain guarded and secure. A high-quality security door or security window can certainly help you with this matter. For maximum protection, the security door should also serve as your front door. That’s because burglars are most likely to enter a home through its front door. It is much easier for burglars to enter a home via the front door because it provides them with a direct route to your possessions. That’s why a stable and sturdy security door should be your front door. You should also consider installing a security window - security doors and windows both assist in warding off burglars. In addition, there are several other actions you can take to protect your front door from burglars.


The front door of your home should be made of a firm, strong material.Security doors which are made of flimsy material can easily be penetrated by burglars, allowing them to easily enter. For example, a security door made of low-quality wood will splinter after a burglar applies sufficient force. Similarly, the security door’s frame needs to be made of a material which can deter burglaries. Most top security doors will be made of materials such as aluminium, steel, hardwood, or iron.

Security Devices

To reinforce the safety of a security door, you might choose to use additional security devices. Examples of such devices include door jammers, reinforcement locks, security bars, lock and door reinforcers, and barricades. Before you select a device for your security door, first consider the door’s dimensions. If a security bar or door jammer doesn’t fit your door, it won’t keep your front door and home protected - even if your door is the top safety door in Malaysia. For this reason, make sure to measure the width, height, and thickness of your front door before you buy a security device. You definitely don’t want to waste money on a form of protection which turns out to be unsuitable, do you?

Security Windows

Security windows can provide your front door additional protection against burglars. By placing security windows near the door, you can augment the degree of protection you experience. Although conventional windows are often prone to invasions by burglars, such is not true of high-quality security windows. Burglars often attempt to enter a home through vulnerable areas such as windows. However, this won’t be possible if a home has an unbreakable, burglar-proof security window. The best security windows will have multi-chamber systems for increased levels of stability. High-quality security windows will also usually be equipped with multiple internal security locks. Ideally, the glass of a security window should be laminated. Laminated glass is a type of glass involving the use of multiple glass layers connected by either a layer of plastic or polyvinyl butyral. These additional layers provide a security window with enhanced protective qualities.

Glass Reinforcement

If your front door is a sliding glass door, get it reinforced. Sliding doors can be very effective security doors; however, this is only possible after reinforcement. Those who can afford modern, technologically-advanced security solutions might make use of a glass break sensor or a door sensor. These sensors can alert you if someone is attempting to invade your home through your sliding security doors. If you can’t afford these sensors, that’s fine as well - you can always use a dowel or a window bar to reinforce the safety of your sliding glass doors.

Lock Reinforcement

The lock area of a security door requires reinforcement as well. Such reinforcement does much to fend off burglars. Your front door’s lock area is the part of the door most likely to be the target of intruders. One of the most common methods of reinforcement makes use of a steel plate. This plate is usually installed on the door frame. For even more reinforcement, look for a security door with hinges and screws which resist tampering.

Glass Film

Front doors which are made of glass can benefit from a coating of film. Such coatings can also be used to protect security windows. There are many varieties of glass films which have burglar-proof effects. They provide one or more layers of additional protection against intruders by holding the glass in place even if the glass experiences heavy blows and many breakage attempts. Added privacy can be added by way of tinted security window or door films. However, you must exercise caution if you choose to have a tinted film installed. Some might not be able to spot an incoming intruder through a tinted film; for them, this drawback might outweigh the increased level of privacy which the film would give their security window or glass front door.

Outside the Front Door

Interestingly, one final important method of protecting your front door from burglars doesn’t have anything to do with the door itself. If your front door overlooks a lawn, do not let any bushes or shrubs near the door overgrow - trim them regularly. Large, thick bushes and shrubs provide burglars with a hiding spot before they break into your home. Even the most stable security windows or doors won’t be able to deter burglars if you are negligent in this area. Try to also make sure that your front door can easily be seen by the general public - this way, others will be able to alert you if they notice any suspicious activity around your front door.

Now that you know some of the ways by which you can protect your front door from burglars, you can begin to take steps to ensure that the security door you use as your front door does its job of protecting you, your home, and your possessions. Whether you choose to boost your safety with security devices, security windows, glass film, reinforcements, or anything else, you can have peace of mind because you know that your highly secure front door has made your home an unyielding “fortress”.